I'm an illustrator and fine artist focused on designing everything.

Proudly bord and bred in Belgrade, Serbia in 1982.
A mixture of Serbian, Hungarian and Macedonian blood.

My professional career began in 2006 after my studies completed at the graphic design department at the Belgrade Polytechnic. After a few years in graphic design, I continue to explore other creative fields, including photography, digital drawing and painting, and eventually fine art.

At a young age I developed a love for painting and drawing,
and have been honing my craft ever since.

Artistic background

Realism, colors and people

My focus has always been on drawing and painting people and telling a story. The graphic design gave me a brother perspective on collaborating with clients, combining different skills (software, sketching, photography, typography, and more) and creating a visual identity.

Right after graduation, I started working in a marketing agency directly with clients. My love for travelling led me to work and travel the world as a photographer. Finally, I started learning more about traditional atelier drawing and painting. Now I combine it all with a strong emphasis on design.

No matter if I do graphic design, storytelling through illustration work, or just an oil painting while designing a composition. Design and a message are the base of all my work.

Trainings & Certificates

• Guided live drawing classes with a model, Academy of Fine Art Belgrade, Professor Gordan Nikolić and Asistent Atanasije Punoševac – 2023 (two months -weekends, 6 hours session)

• Watts Atelier courses, Schoolism courses – online

• One-year mentorship with Kan Muftić – figure drawing & storytelling (2020- 2021)

• Matte painting course, Belgrade, Serbia 2015, 2017

• The Applied Artist and DesignersAssociation of Serbia, Membership 2017

• Summer school in entrepreneurship in the arts, Felix Meritis Center Amsterdam, 2011

• Serbian Journalist Society course, 2002


51st International Biennial of Illustrations, GOLDEN PEN OF BELGRADE 2021, Konak Princess Ljubica, Belgrade
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