Hi, I’m Dragana, graphic  designer and visual artist based in Belgrade, Serbia.

My main focus is concept design, illustration & visual communication.

I was enough fortune to travel and explore half of the Globe while working as a photographer.

That experience gives me a huge inspiration, but also fashion photography, people, yoga, film and music.

My education is graphic design, my biggest hobby painting and fine arts.



Ms. Jagoridovski has been working at Spart Agency D.O.O. as an Artistic Designer for the past year and a half and we have been very satisfied with her artistic talents during that time. We have worked closely on developing new advertising concepts for our biggest client, a perfume distributor from France.
During that time Ms. Jagoridovski has proven to be an invaluable asset to my organization, continuously raising the standard for quality and creativity. I was pleased to see how easily Ms. Jagoridovski turned clients ideas into pieces of art. Ms. Jagoridvoski is a very professional person and a very good designer with a lot a creativity. Her set of skills goes from drawing to photography to modeling in Adobe Photoshop. Spart Agency - Executive Director
Dragana is highly skilled, reliable, with excellent in rapid, clear communication. I highly recommend her and will definitely be using her again. Thank you.
Naima, Freelance client
During those 30 days of the colony Dragana showed a remarkable tendency toward cooperation and exchange of ideas with the participants of the colony. During the realization of her works presented, preference for analytical synthesis of visual communication was observed, which highlights the systematic pursuit of symbolic representations of plerophony (fullness of tone) acknowledged contents of coloristic impact of organic inorganic forms in which form and space become one.
Head of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia - Painting section